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How Can We Help?

How can the Ombud help?

Evaluation of options

The Ombud helps you look at the issue from all perspectives and helps you identify the options available to you. In all interactions the Ombud will remain impartial and your case will be handled in strict confidence.

Upward feedback

With your permission, the Ombud, as a neutral third party, may give feedback to other stakeholders. This will done either by making recommendations for change, or presenting options for addressing the issues raised as a result of the dispute.

Information referral

The Ombud can assist visitors to resolve their disputes by redirecting their concerns to other offices that may be better suited to mediate a disagreement.

Informal fact finding

The facts of the conflict may have to be investigated with the permission of the visitor, for a balanced and comprehensive picture of the problem to emerge.


Mediation is an informal and voluntary process which takes place with the consent of all parties involved to negotiate and arrive at their own settlement. UCT has trained mediators who can handle this type of work across campus.

Further information can be found in the Office of the Ombud brochure.